Learning Disability Screening Questionnaire

LDSQ_CORE_INformation_230819The Learning Disability Screening Questionnaire (LDSQ) was developed to provide a quick, easy and accurate way of identifying adults who are likely to have an intellectual disability. The LDSQ is valid and reliable and can be completed quickly with minimum demands on the individual, carer or professional completing it.

The LDSQ can discriminate with high levels of accuracy between those who have an intellectual disability and those who do not (identifying those people who have an  intellectual disability with 91% accuracy) and it does not require intensive and time-consuming assessment.

The assessment is designed to be of use to a wide range of professionals, families and carers in a range of settings, including health, social care and criminal justice services. It can be completed directly with the individual or by someone who knows him or her well.  To order your copy, please visit our shop. To find out more, please contact us.